Jeff Stone draws on lessons learned through the wisdom of others as well as both negative and positive experiences that have afforded him a unique perspective on life. An eighteen-month headache punctuated by frequent migraines, two other extended bouts with illnesses that were difficult to diagnosis, living with four congenital health conditions, severe injury, the cold-blooded murder of a close relative, a betrayal by a spouse and best friend, the loss of career, and other challenges have offered valuable insight—often years after the darkest days had passed. Foreign educational cooperatives, life in another country, friendship with brilliant people from various countries, selective leadership training, a wide variety of teaching opportunities (including those with underprivileged youth, foreign university students, entrepreneurs, federal workers, community college students, corporate employees, and prisoners) have provided a tremendous array of useful perspectives.

Although he has a post-graduate certificate in Ethics, Jeff Stone operates this blog from a position of neither theological nor moral authority. Instead he offers the empathy and support of a person who has dealt with loss of hope, ruinous desires, loss of faith, harmful self-criticism, conflicting beliefs, and other challenges.

During a fifteen-year span while teaching courses such as Cultural Awareness, Business Communications, and International Marketing, Jeff Stone was required to learn and teach about a variety of cultures. He also participated in cultural indoctrination courses, participated in international education seminars, and attended annual international education development conferences. He has continued his study of religious belief systems and spirituality since leaving his last full-time teaching position to focus on writing. While he is a nonreligious Christian dedicated to the teachings of love, forgiveness, and mercy shared through the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Jeff Stone draws inspiration from many sources and he discovered that the Gospels support his belief that Light comes in many forms. His novel " Lightning Strikes Twice "—which explores an intense battle between demonic and angelic forces—begins release as a series on Channillo on April 12, 2016, and some of his flash fiction can be read on the WordPress blog Rolling the Stone .