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This is a link to my short story, " Fire ," which earned the Gold Writer distinction in ArtAscent 's April 2016 "Heat" issue. The story can be read via the free digital version after an amazing intro on page 14 by Oleksandra Osadcha.
 After putting it out of my mind for eight years, I completed my first novel, Beyond the Blue—a literary story about love, loss, discovery, buddies, and baseball—in the early fall of 2015. Beyond the Blue answers questions not only about protagonist Mark Watt's life, but redefines the common and complex in unexpected fashion—redefining even time itself. I've temporarily halted seeking an appropriate publisher for Beyond the Blue while I write and publish short stories both on my blog Rolling the Stone and hopefully in many periodicals while also releasing my second novel, Lightning Strikes Twice , via Channillo .
ArtAscent  published my short story " Well Enough ," which can be reado n pages 52-3, in its December 2015 "Haunting issue. 
Trampled Under Foot
This story originally appeared on my blog Rolling the Stone as an entry  Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers , Week of 03-01-2016, hosted by  Priceless Joy .

Satan fell like “lightning from heaven.” Many believed this explanation for how Altus Bonum manipulated guitar strings with otherworldly energies invoking images of Robert Johnson’s Crossroads. He wrote lyrics debated like those of The Lizard King and said his name arrived nocturnally. He also stated “as said before, ‘many will hear but not understand.'”

Rumors persisted Altus was a mirrored acronym for Satanists United to Trample as Lucifer’s Angels. People who played his music backward at chimerical speeds reported hearing perversities spewed from deep space. Those same people saw anarchy, a pitchfork, and the Kundalini Serpent in his autographs while others saw an ichthys, a cross, and a three.

Beneath a falling star, witnesses outside a club heard Bonum thunderously proclaim, “Light falls again to bless my unworthy presence.” Bonum dropped to his knees and appeared to sleep where 23rd intersected Stephen before six sleeveless men crushed his skull with bricks. Seven people independently reported hearing doves cry while a man named Tracy swore he saw snowflakes on a warm night in April.